SCPYS  Program

Little Stars Soccer

S. Nonone "Thank you for putting this together, my son and daughter are really enjoying it."

P. Brown "Thank you For sharing. You guys are amiable and professional. My daughter enjoyed it so much."

L. Queiros "I just wanted to say thank you!!! My littleprincess enjoyed it so much and will be heartbroken that tomorrow is the last day!!! It was something truly awesome that you all did for our little ones!!!"

O. Baldwin "Thank you, my son enjoyed this. Wonderful ☺️"

V. Cerqueira  "She had so much fun and it’s such a great initiative"

M. Lourenco "We loved it"

A. Ferreira "Thank you for offering this to the community!!"

J. Trujillo "Thank you for putting this together. My son had an amazing time!"

SCP Youth Soccer Travel 

P.O. BOX 227 , Hillside, NJ 07205
Phone: 908-845-4SCP(4727)

Non-Profit Organization

SCP Kenilworth Recreation Soccer

575 Boulevard, Kenilworth, NJ 07033
Phone: 908-845-4SCP(4727)

Non-Profit Organization

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