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Travel Tryouts: Policy and  Procedure

·       All players must register online for the travel program in order to be allowed to tryout. 

·       A minimum of 2 days are mandatory for all ages from U9- U14.This tryout will take place in the spring to roster for the following Fall-Spring season.For example: a tryout in Spring 2024  will be for the Fall 2024 and Spring 2025 seasons.

·       It is the intention of SCPYS that players selected at the Spring tryout make a 1-year (2 season) commitment to play.
        For example: a player selected at the tryout will play for both the Fall, Winter and Spring full season.

·       Selected players will be required to purchase a uniform through the SCPYS website portal  if they do not have a current SCPYS travel uniform. Uniforms are to be worn for the full years. (please order accordingly with growth in mind)

·       SCPYS requests that all parents stay away from tryout fields to give players the opportunity to demonstrate their ability without the influence of parents.  In addition this will give coaches the opportunity to focus solely on the players.

·       SCPYS will hold one (1) to two (2) 90 minute tryout sessions for the evaluation of players over a 2 weeks timeframe. It is expected that players attend a minimum of 2 tryout sessions.

·       At least 1 SCPYS board member will be present at each tryout session.

·       Returning SCPYS Travel players must attend tryouts every season

·       Only players who have registered as travel players for the upcoming travel season are eligible to attend tryouts.  Coaches are required to take attendance based on an approved attendance list of registered players created prior to their tryout session.  Players not on that list are not eligible to participate in the tryout.

·       SCPYS requires players to try out for their age.

·       SCPYS travel coaches (head and assistants) will assess players during a series of drills and small-sided matches.

·       Player evaluation

Returning and New Players

a.      For returning travel players, coaches will consider players performance and committment from previous season (50%) and tryout performance (50%) when determining player evaluation and team selection.

b.     For new travel players, coaches will consider tryout performance 100% when determining player evaluation and team selection.

2.     Players are evaluated using SCPYS criteria consisting of appropriately weighted categories including:

a.     Technical Ability (foot work, passing, and ball control)

b.     Physical (speed, quickness, agility, strength)
c.    Ability to be receptive to coaching and constructive feedback to drive development and overall interest in the game of soccer.

3.     Example of Tryouts will include scrimmage situations as well as 4 skill stations where players get scored by the ability to perform in each station shown: 1 v 1 station,  Passing and possession station , Finishing station , 4 v 4 station

Roster Selection

·       Upon review of coach evaluations and tryout results, it is the head coach’s decision to determine those players who will be offered a roster spot.

·       If a player is selected, they will be notified by the Club or the head coach. 

·       Players who have not been selected for a travel team will also be notified. 

·       Those players not selected to play for a travel team will have the opportunity to be assigned to an in-town team if one is available.  

·       U8 players will be allowed to tryout for the U9 team; however, preference will be given to U9 age-appropriate players during roster selection. 

·       In certain situations, based on skill level and roster needs, a player may be asked to roster on a team one year up.  This is permitted if the roster numbers reflect the need.  In rare occurrences, if a player is asked to play two years up.

·       After tryouts occur and rosters have been selected, if there are any open spots on a specific travel team, SCPYS will post the available spots and notify age-appropriate potential players. 

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